Dr. Suat ATAN

Experiments on R, Python and Data Science

03 May 2020



Selected Academic Works

  • Baskici, C., Atan, S., & Ecil, Y. (2018). Authors at the boundary: Interaction of local and general scientific literature. View

  • A novel prediction method for lymph node involvement in endometrial cancer: machine learning E Günakan, S Atan, AN Haberal, İA Küçükyıldız… - International Journal of Gynecologic Cancer, 2019 View

  • Studies in Social Networks Journal 2000-2019: the Intellectual Structure of Social Network Perspective. Networks for Learning,, Y Baskici, C., Atan, S. ve Ercil European Conference on Social Networks (EUSN 2019), 231

  • Forecasting of innovation in the light of semantic networks C Baskici, S Atan, Y Ercil - Procedia Computer Science, 2019 View

Full List of Studies